United Kingdom repeats assertion that Russian Federation is lying

Blanche Robertson
September 14, 2018

British security services named the two men as Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov but said these were likely to be aliases.

Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov gave an interview today to RT, a Kremlin-financed media outlet that works as a propaganda outlet for the Russian government.

On Thursday, both men denied that they were GRU agents.

The men seemed to be around 40 years old and wore nearly identical dark blue jumpers.

They are then accused of looking nervous, to which Boshirov responds: "What would you look like?"

The TV station recorded the interview on Wednesday evening, just hours after President Vladimir Putin said Russian Federation had identified the men sought by Britain and urged them to address the media.

The British police believe the men to be officers of Russian military intelligence, GRU, who may have travelled on false passports to London from Moscow in March.

The Downing Street official added: "More importantly, they are deeply offensive to the victims and loved ones of this horrific attack". "We came to you for protection, but this is turning into some sort of interrogation", he said.

"We have repeatedly asked Russian to explain what happened in March, and they have replied with obfuscation and lies", the official said.

The Zizzi Restaurant in Salisbury where Skripal and his daughter ate on the day they were poisoned.

"The Police and Crown Prosecution Service have identified these men as the prime suspects in relation to the attack in Salisbury".

The two men were widely ridiculed after they claimed they had been to Salisbury to visit the city's cathedral, "famous for its 123-metre spire".

"We, of course, checked who these people are".

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Boshirov said they "maybe approached Skripal's house" while they walked around the city, "but ... didn't know where it was".

The network broadcast the interview with the suspects in the Novichok poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the United Kingdom on Thursday, even as it faces multiple ongoing investigations by media regulator Ofcom into its coverage of the attack in March.

They all recovered but a fake perfume bottle containing Novichok was picked up by a local man. "Isn't it silly for decent lads to have women's perfume?". "Any sensible person would be afraid", said Boshirov. "We didn't have it".

"They said if they found the pictures they would send them to me but I am still waiting".

From there it is believed that they travelled by train into London, arriving at Victoria station at approximately 5.40pm. Boshirov said. He went on to claim that if they had such an item in their luggage, it would have been hard to get past airport customs agents without arousing suspicion.

On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin called for the two men to speak with the media during an economic conference in Vladivostok.

"This is not an interrogation", Boshirov said.

The channel posted a 25-minute clip of the video in Russian on its website and said it plans to air more from the interview later. Only this week, we heard an official statement from London, which said that they did not plan to employ the legal assistance mechanism and send any requests to Russian Federation.

Putin appeared to suggest they should tell their story publicly.

"Ofcom looks at these cumulatively", Stephens said, "but there comes a point when there are so many breaches that they aren't regarded as a fit and proper person to carry a license".

"The Spy Who Went Home Because It Was Cold", another wrote.

The two men's actual identities are a matter of dispute.

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