Sen. Collins decries vulgar messages, threats about Kavanaugh nomination

Terence Little
September 13, 2018

Collins' office put out a statement calling this "quid pro quo fundraising" and "the equivalent of an attempt to bribe me". If she heeds protesters' warnings and votes against him, the money will be returned to the donors.

Collins recently said that she was still undecided on what her vote would be, saying that if he "was not truthful" in his hearing, and we've seen that he wasn't, "then obviously that would be a major problem for me".

"Either Sen. Collins VOTES NO on Kavanaugh OR we fund her future opponent", a crowdfunding page declares.

Kendra Arnold, executive director of The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), stated of the online crowdfunding campaign targeting Collins that has reputedly raised over $1.2 million, "I think this is one of those things where it's very obvious that outside influence is being used in an attempt to corrupt a member of Congress".

Sen. Dianne FeinsteinDianne Emiel FeinsteinLeft risks backlash in Kavanaugh fight Chuck Grassley is the point man in our judiciary remake Durbin accuses Kavanaugh of misleading senators in 2006 hearing MORE (D-Calif.) added that she did not understand Republicans "rush to judgment" on Kavanaugh.

Adav Noti, a senior director at the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center, which works on rules of ethics and finance in government, told The Washington Post that he thought the listing was illegal, noting that bribery is a federal crime.

"In that split second, I unfortunately did not realize that the man was the father of a shooting victim from Parkland, Fla.", Kavanaugh said.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley R-Iowa left accompanied by Sen. Dianne Feinstein D-Calif. the ranking member right speaks during a Senate Judiciary Committee markup meeting on Capitol Hill Thursday Sept. 13 2018 in Washington
Sen. Collins decries vulgar messages, threats about Kavanaugh nomination

"They're trying to tie her official action to their threat that they're going to give $1 million to somebody to run against her, if she doesn't vote the way [they want her] to", Mitchell said.

"I don't understand the rush to judgment".

"It seems kind of icky but it doesn't rise to the level of bribery because there's no agreement, " Jordan Libowitz, a spokesman for the Citizens for Ethics and Responsibilities. But it's also not a "bribe" for people to donate money to the campaigns of politicians pledging to serve their interests.

The tone of the listing was alternately threatening and encouraging.

And in Maine, two groups opposed to Kavanaugh's confirmation (the Maine People's Alliance and Mainers for Accountable Leadership) have teamed up with Ady Barkan to warn Collins that if she votes for Kavanaugh, they will crowdfund her Democratic opponent (whoever that might turn out to be) when she seeks reelection in 2020. "We will get you out of office".

A more conservative majority could overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision guaranteeing abortion access. They show Kavanaugh's involvement in judicial nominations, including for some controversial judges.

The ads will appear online and on TV starting Wednesday, featuring ME women expressing concern about Collins's potential vote for Kavanaugh. "We will continue to participate in our democracy", she said.

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"He is just capitalizing on resentment that politicians have been fanning for years", he said. But nothing will get done if this generation doesn't vote, he added.

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