Barack Obama: Enter Stage Left

Blanche Robertson
September 10, 2018

"He is just capitalizing on resentment that politicians have been fanning for years", he said. In the other Orange County race, Gil Cisneros, a Democratic philanthropist and Navy veteran, is vying for an open seat created by retiring Republican Ed Royce.

"I am totally sure these applicants will win", Obama said to a cheering group at the Anaheim Convention Center, encompassed by a pack of congressional hopefuls.

He went on to attack the administration's repeal of climate change legislation, saying: "They've made it so that the only nation on earth to pull out of the global climate agreement, it's not North Korea, it's not Syria, it's not Russian Federation or Saudi Arabia". "We have a chance to flip the House of Representatives; to say 'Enough is enough'".

"I have to say this", Obama said during a speech on Friday at the University of IL.

"He is a symptom, not the cause", Obama said.

Of course, Obama, recognized that there are those in the Republican Party who are opposed to Trump, but they "seem utterly unwilling to find the backbone to safeguard the institutions that make our democracy work".

Former President Barack Obama's remarks in his home state of IL came after a almost two-year absence from the political stage, during which he avoided directly criticizing Trump and made a calculated effort not to utter his successor's name.

Most of what he said was highlighting the importance of the upcoming election.

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"The biggest threat to our democracy ... is not one individual, it is not one big super PAC billionaires", he said. All these terrified tea party activists, and the Republican leaders warning of profound social transformation, were really just concerned about the budget deficit.

In a nod to the turbulence of the past week - which saw allegations of a secret "resistance" working inside the White House - the 57-year-old Obama poured scorn on the idea that "everything will turn out okay" because some of Trump's staff are secretly ignoring the boss's orders. The speech kicked off Obama's campaigning on behalf of fellow Democrats sooner than the midterm elections.

"There is a phrase that we used to use [when I was governor] for staff that acted this way, and it's called 'we know better, '" Paterson said.

Those Democrats Obama rallied with on Saturday welcomed his return to the campaign trail. "Barack Obama wasn't ready for America", said Bongino. But nothing will get done if this generation doesn't vote, he added.

Obama also accused Republicans of giving tax cuts to the rich, taking away healthcare from millions, and rejecting scientific facts behind climate change.

President Obama is expected to deliver a similar message in Cleveland on Thursday, when he campaigns on behalf of Richard Cordray, the Democratic nominee for OH governor, and other Democrats.

In Orange County, Republicans held a 13-point edge in voter registration 10 years ago but that has shrunk to 3 points while independents, who tend to vote like Democrats in California, have climbed to 25 per cent.

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